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Eco info:

How much do we know about the impact the choices we make have on the earth and on our health?

If you want to have a beautifully designed home, but are also aware of the need to look at ecological issues when purcashing new furniture or paints then you may like some help with choosing what will have least impact on the earth and not harm your health.

We are much more aware nowadays of environmental issues such as our carbon footprint, energy efficiency, conservation, and the need for bio-diversity for the sake of our planet as well as us. That we the need to mimimise our impact on the earth as much as possible goes without saying, helping to rectify it to its former glorious levels is a challenge indeed. Many people are trying to use local community resources more, building up friendships and business networks locally for support, economic and ecological benefits.

There are some fantastic organisations about to help increase our awareness of both global and local issues, and that also empower us to help make changes.
For example The Princes Rainforest Project:   to name but one.

Within our own homes there are various issues to be thought about and decisions made based upon our knowledge, personal values and, of course, available income.

Although there are far too many topics to be covered in a site such as this here are just a few that we take very seriously in our work with our clients:

1. Energy efficiency  (see page on energy)

2. Chemicals used within the manufacturing process of furniture  

(see page on chemicals)

3. Chemicals used within the manufacture of flooring (carpets, vinyls and laminates)  
(see page on chemicals)

4. Chemicals used in paint and varnishes  
(see page on paints & varnishes)

5. Electro-magnetic smog
 (see page on emf)

6. Air pollutants    (see page on air pollutants)