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Eco info:
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Energy efficiency:

Many people are concerned at how our carbon footprint is affecting the earth. Where we buy our household goods from, our paints and furniture and even our flooring and fabrics is all part of how environementally friendly we can become.

There is much choice nowadays for most products; should we buy fair trade (cotton towels, bedding etc), sustainable, eco-friendly or recycled products. What about locally-made products to keep travel/air mile costs down and help our own communities, or should we use the inter-net and buy from further afield to be able to take advantage of cheaper products and maybe help other countires in their industry growth? 

For information on Fair Trade products visit

For sustainable flooring try this informative article to help you understand the issues and options

Then of course there is also the matter of  how energy-efficient our white goods are. As fuel prices continue to increase we perhaps have even more reason to want to buy wisely. All white goods now have to be energy efficiency rated so that you can make an informed decision about which way to go. The Green Consumer Guide gives information on this: