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Feng Shui Gardens

Gardens are our havens. They are places of spiritual uplift  where we sit to be closer to the environment. Whether they are small or large, decked, paved or turfed they are our link with nature and help bring us back into alignment. Swinging in a hammock under the shade of a tree or sitting in a quiet corner with a cup of tea and a book listening to the sounds of  water gently trickling down some rocks or bubbling over pebbles helps soothe, relax and restore us.

Even the smallest space can be turned into a place of beauty and interest.  Through careful and considered landscape design, horticultural knowledge and the principles of Feng Shui it is easy to bring in beneficial energies that  plants, stones, water, fire and earth provide. Gardens can provide several functions: areas of quiet retreat,  places where we can meet with friends and family, somewhere to potter around in or just laze about with a magazine and a drink. They create a link between the inner lives we experience in our homes and the greater outdoor world, offering us soft breezes, rain, sunlight, sounds and smells. 

Bring in certain plants, colours, ornaments and architectural features. Chosen well they will help create a garden that gives all of its potential and suits your individual needs.  This brings harmony to the land, increasing your pleasure, health and even success.

Maia Design work in conjunction with Lifestyle Landscapes to provide a garden to love. Lifestyle Landsacpes are a well-establised, professional and accomplished  garden design company . They have an excellent reputation in building sensory and healing gardens and now together with Maia Design we are able to offer gardens with harmonising and health-giving power of great beauty and presence. The use of Feng Shui will re-align your garden with the natural forces and have a beneficial impact on your life.

We can provide:
  • Full garden design with Feng Shui
  • Meditation gardens
  • Healing gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Energy balancing and enhancement

Maia Design will ensure that your garden is checked for Geopathic Stress. If this is found it will be removed and healed with earth acupuncture.

  • To book a consultation or request a price please contact us