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Eco info:
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Paints & varnishes:

It is advisable to use eco paints and varnishes wherever posible as this will avoid the  ingredients used in conventional paints that are synthesised from the petro-chemical industry. This process not only uses a lot of energy, but also generates waste products that cannot be easily reabsorbed back into the eco system and are highly toxic.

What should be avoided are VOC's (volatile organic compounds} which are damaging to the environment and potentially your health as they have been classified as toxic and carcinogenic.  Although there has been stricter legislation imposed upon their levels since January 2010 they are still in use in most conventional paints and varnishes.
They are the chemicals that produce the "new paint" smell and cause headaches, throat and eye irritation, and feelings of sickness.

In contrast many eco paints tend to use natural solvents such as citrus oils. Some use Aliphatic hydrocarbons that are still derivatives of the petro chemical industry and so are still contributing to global warming, but are VOC free, so better for your health.

For other  help regarding your health in the home and work place please see the feng shui site- in particular on electromagnetic fields and Geopathic Stress