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interior designer and Feng Shui consultant Helen Lickerish


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Helen Lickerish- 

Profile and Testimonials

Helen Lickerish is a qualified and experienced Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner and Reiki Master. She has a unique ability to blend a host of elements, mixing the spiritual and practical to produce inspiring, individually tailored designs that incorporate the lifestyle, tastes and personalities of her clients. She believes that the home reflects the occupant and vice-versa. Helen works closely with clients to discover their real needs and desires using intuition as well as conventional knowledge and experience. Her aim is to blend aesthetics with practical needs, thus enhancing the well-being of the occupants, maximising energy flow and promoting a state of harmony within the building.

Helen has a degree in Biology/Geography (BSc Hons) with a special interest in ecology and understanding how life forces impact on our well-being. Beginning her career working with teenage girls in Care she then spent 15 years working with adults suffering from mental health problems. Through this experience she gained important insight into how much a person's immediate environment affects their well-being and ensured that the homes she managed were well designed and decorated. She also implemented the use of therapies for the benefit of the tenants and residents, believing strongly that health also comes from the inside out in a two-way process.   Helen went on to study and  qualify in Interior Design and Feng Shui and proceeded to set up her own successful business. To date her work has included homes, small businesses, restaurants and complimentary health clinics. Retaining her initial interest in ecology and believing that in the context of today's world we all need to take responsibility for our use of resources she endeavours to source environmentally-friendly products where possible.

Fifteen years ago Helen came across the 'hands on' healing of Reiki and spent many years training to become a Master, and uses it daily in her own life. She also trains others and gives healing sessions. She found that the increasing awareness of energy within everything influenced her attitudes towards health. With her flair for creating beautiful schemes and a natural ability to manage and organise the practical side of an interior design practice she looked for a way to further her understanding of the interaction of life energies within this field.

Her aim was to ensure that clients would not only love their home or business, but would also benefit in terms of their well-being and success. This led her to undertaking further Feng Shui training and qualifying as a Practitioner with the Feng Shui Academy the Feng Shui Agency. She has found Feng Shui to be an immensely powerful tool to help people improve their lives and uses it within businesses and homes. She is also a committee member of the Earth Energies Group of the British Society of Dowsers,  and uses the practice of dowsing in her work. She also runs a yoga/meditation group in Dorset.

What our clients say:
On the transformation of a derelict building into a complimentary health clinic:
'You have created an enchanting balance of clinical yet warm and tranquil rooms, visually stunning and guaranteed to help people feel good. Very well done'
Dr Gaymer, Complementary Clinic in Milbourne Port, Somerset.

'Helen has transformed my newly acquired home from a rather dingy old cottage into a beautiful & welcoming home. My friends all adore it! Her ideas have been transformational. She was friendly, helpful, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I can thoroughly recommend her services'
Mrs P Goss, Dorset.

Helen did a considerable amount of work in our 300 year-old cottage. We liked our house before Helen's intervention. We have now fallen in love with it all over again! One of the many pleasures working with Helen was just that it was a partnership, even though she was very much the expert. It was also helpful to know that  when it came to kitchen design she is a wife and mother who understands that the space needs to work as well as look good, (the kitchen is stylish, comfortable and practical). She came up with colour solutions that we would not have dreamed of.  Our safe black and white house is now lovely shades of blue. Soft chalk-based colours that fit so well, (if the house could speak it would be raising three cheers!). To compliment the colours Helen managed to source fittings that we would never have come across and go with the curtains she suggested. We probably won't do any more work on the house for another 10 years at least- but when we do Helen had better still be around!
Mr & Mrs Burridge. Aylesbury.

'Helen captured my vision for the clinic fully ... Helen is charming, empathetic and an enjoyable person to work along side. Her colour scheme and design has made this clinic stand out in Dorset. It has been photographed, written about and patients appreciate daily what she has achieved.'
Mrs A. Schreiber, Gillingham, Dorset.

"Since living in our new house, there had been family upsets, poor health, and financial strains. I asked Helen if there was anything she could do to change the atmosphere in the home and promote a healthier environment.
After a thorough assessment of the space, two days of clearing and just a few minor adjustments the whole house feels calmer and more homely. All of the family are happier and my health is improving, as well as new career opportunities being made available to us. The house just feels like a nicer place to live. Helen's common sense approach, combining the ancient discipline with modern practical design works wonders. Highly recommended."
Mrs L. Eason, Wincanton, Somerset.

"Helen visited me in my cottage recently and my expectations, I have to say, weren't particularly high. My problem was sleep related and I spoke with Helen frankly as a last resort. Within a very short space of time from her arrival she identified a geopathic stress line which ran through the property, directly over where I slept. Since that day, following a couple of hours work by Helen, my sleep has improved immensely to normal standards. I have no idea what Helen did, but there is no question in my mind that whatever it was is directly attributable to me feeling fitter, stronger and far more energized  these days. She also gave some very valuable Feng Shui and interior design advice which my wife and I implemented and which have had some very positive benefits in the way the cottage now feels.... spooky! I have no hesitation in recommending Helen's unique talents.
Mr. G .Shilton, Tarrent Gunville, Dorset.

"I had been moved into my house over a year, yet didn't feel as if it was my home. I felt just like a visitor. I just didn't love it.
Helen came round and did some work on my house; she etherically cleansed it and suggested moving certain things around to particular places. She then gave me some instructions to do some cures myself which I had to do for a few weeks after she left.
After three days I really felt a difference in the house- after three weeks I really began to feel at home, and after three months I was beginning to love the space and felt much happier there.
I really recommend this work if anyone is not feeling at home in their own home."
Sandra New. Shaftesbury, Dorset

Maia Design

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